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Govzilla’s Top 20 Posts of All Time

To serve as a resource for you and your company and to help orient you to the scope of the Govzilla blog, we assembled a list of some of our most useful, relevant, and popular articles of all time.

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Part 3: MHRA GMP Inspection Deficiencies for 2018

Published in late 2019, MHRA’s 2018 GMP inspection deficiency data spans over 6,000 lines of a spreadsheet. GMP expert Barbara W. Unger evaluated the data and presents a data-dense report of her findings and deficiency trends since 2015.

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COVID-19 Pandemic and Your GMP Audit Schedule for 2020

A serious concern of many is the security of their supply chain based on its complexity and global nature. We look at the GMP audit program and some options that may be able to help mitigate risk in this area, as well as explain choices made that may be asked during the next health authority inspection.

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