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Best Job I Ever Had

“The Best Job I Ever Had”

“As FDAzilla continues to grow, we believe we must do our part – locally and globally – to do good by doing well.” Tony Chen (one of our co-founders) shares this unique story of who we really are at FDAzilla.

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How to Research the FDA with Keywords

The Easy Way to Research the FDA Using Keyword Search

The FDAzilla database contains information on every FDA inspected site since the year 2000. All of our 483s and warning letters — over 25,000 documents — are retyped, and keywords are tagged + categorized. In this video demonstration, we show you how to perform a keyword search of FDA warning letters in our system. To continue, either watch the video below or continue reading.

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483 Cost

A Bad 483 Could Cost a Company Millions

I spoke to a former VP of quality at the PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference. He said one of his bad 483s probably cost him $5 million. And that’s cheap – that’s just a 483. What about a warning letter? There is an even greater magnitude of reputation damage, impact on new drug approvals, etc. This post describes the full scope and includes articles/case studies.

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